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Brief note from the desk of Miguel Velazco Sr. MBA

Week of: Monday, December 05, 2011

Present Market Conditions

Mortgage Bonds are down a skosh on word that new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is rolling out a proposal to lower the country's debt, which happens to be the second largest in the European Union.

The plan contains tough cuts, which will delay retirement, bring back a tax on first homes and enforce tax evasion - the latter being a common practice in Italy. The plan is $30B and that sounds like a small number compared to the $500B of debt that has to be refinanced in the next three years alone. We still believe that austerity measures in Italy and other troubled countries are just short-term band-aids that simply buys time for the ECB ( European Central Bank) and Germany to come to an agreement to fire up the printing presses in order to build a credible firewall around these debt-laden countries.



This is a big week in Europe with the ECB holding a policy meeting this Thursday and the European Union Summit on Friday. The markets are hoping that Germany and the ECB will come to an agreement to backstop troubled countries - but don't hold your breath. On a Dec 2nd speech, German Chancellor Angela Merkel likened the process to fix Europe as a "marathon" - where she wants to re-draft Euro treaties and enforce stricter budget rules. So we should not expect Merkel to get her running shoes on and get into sprint mode. We will likely be looking at the Eurodrama for a much longer time - and we should not expect it to get fixed this week or even next. As a result - US Bonds should benefit from some safe haven buying and expect flat or improvement in mortgage rates.


The rest of the week is fairly light in terms of economic releases. There are only two more monthly or quarterly reports on the agenda that have the potential to influence mortgage rates and neither of them is considered to be highly important. Both of them don’t come until Friday morning. That means that the stock markets could be the focal point the next couple of days.


Overall, I don't believe we will see as much volatility in the stock markets as we saw last week though. Interestingly, despite the sizable rally in stocks last week, mortgage rates didn’t take much of a hit. Even though mortgage bonds showed resilience last week, I still think that the upward risk outweighs the likelihood of seeing noticeable improvements in rates in the immediate future. Therefore, I recommend maintaining contact with us as your Real Estate Professional.

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What my clients are saying  

Miguel is an excellent professional; he is the best real estate agent that I could have known. I met him a in the middle of my plans to sell my home. He was a rare to find personality on these days. He is a very dynamic person and never leaves behind what can be done now. He is very efficient, totally results-oriented. He gave me the best orientation before, during and after the sale of my home. My right arm. He was always pending of each step to be taken, the promotion, the offers, the deadlines and terms of the sale, the inspections, the Title Office, the contract, closing the sale, there was not a moment when he did not stop orienting me. And of course thanks to him I sold my house above the price originally offered and in less than a month. If you don't hire Miguel for the sale of your house, forgive me, but you're a fool.”


~ gaproano (Zillow Review)

“...I have employed the services of Miguel Velazco as listing agent. He is a true Professional. ...I have never had a smoother transaction from listing to end of sale ever. Anyone using Miguel’s services would be very fortunate.” ~Easter Jestadt [84 years young]”






APRIL 2015 SAN RAMON SELLERS "...It is our immense please to recommend Miguel Velazco to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. ...aggressive marketing campaign,... team of talented individuals,... masterful marketing strategy,... he kept us apprised throughout the entire process and made certain the entire process is pleasant for us the seller,... thanks to the magic work of Miguel Velazco..."



RE: Recommendation letter To whom it may concern: It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Miguel Velazco Sr., MBA, a wealth builder-Realtor. In today’s global interconnected world, Miguel possesses unique well-rounded attributes transitioning from residential to commercial Real estate sales. Miguel’s office has a fascinating blend of multi-cultural and multi-lingual real estate team. He is highly educated, he understands real estate Legal, Ethical, Marketing, and Win-Win Negotiations; he is able to manage complicated challenging transactions with intelligence. Miguel provides exceptional service; it is a delight to work with him and his team. I always recommend Miguel to my close friends and corporate clients all over the US territory. If you have any further questions I can be reached direct via email at: Sincerely, Shulin Cui, CEO SilicaStar



To: Mr. Miguel Velazco RE/MAX Dear Miguel, On behalf of my mother, sister and myself, I want to thank you so much for your undying efforts to sell our property from our family trust. My mother has peace of mind & she is thrilled. We knew from the start this property would be a difficult sale due to its condition and the mitigating circumstances surrounding it. You never wavered in your efforts to sell it, and you did everything in your power to administer the terms of the sale as we requested. To your credit, you never asked us to accept an offer or terms we were not comfortable with like so many other realtors might have done just to accomplish a quick sale. Every decision you helped us make was with our best interest at heart. Your honesty, professionalism, and determination set you apart from other agents in your field. Thank you Miguel, we will never sell another property without your representation. Sincerely, Diana Wyllie [] Irene Liranzo Sandra Seat



Recently I contacted Miguel's team in order to sell my home. Although market adverse value/condition of house, Miguel's team not only sold my home at a price I was comfortable with but the team did it all inside of 39 days from listing to close! They are very organized, knowledgeable and detail oriented. I would not even consider attempting another real estate transaction without them.


~ Country Club

"I have not found another Agent that is half the quality... he is the asset you want on your side. MIGUEL is a prompt and efficient "go getter". I have used him twice to sell and purchase a home and our last sale took just 35 days from list to close. THE TEAM is extremely knowledgeable about what needs to happen and when, he is also not afraid to push if others are falling behind. For any person expecting professionalism in their Realtor. The Meltzers"


~ Relocation

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